The Best Way To Engage Your Colleagues To Participate In a Knowledge Revolution Like Knowledge Centered Support (Free Course)

Having a Clear View

Defining Knowledge Management is more like walking through a thick fog than strolling on a clear day.

When you mention Knowledge Management everyone hears the same words, but they all see different a picture in their mind, whilst at the same time, their memories simultaneously cast back to different information on different pages from different books. So in essence, everyone’s trying to work towards the same goal by practicing contrasting approaches..Huh? What’s up with that?

So, the first question you need to ask yourself is “How can we achieve, if we can’t even agree?”

To achieve success everyone needs to get on the same page for Knowledge Management. Well sometimes, in order to get everyone on the same page, you need to turn to a NEW PAGE.

Well, to help you I’ve created a FREE course which is designed to help you start with a new page. We achieve through AWARENESS and AGREEMENT for Knowledge Management.

1. Awareness: We should be aware that there are wrong ways and there are right ways. Right ways are only deemed right because they are proven through experience to be right (Tried and Tested many times over a long duration of time).

2. Agreement: If we agree there is a right way, then let’s do it that way.There’s no heroics in inventing another failed way.

This course provides an introduction to the world-renowned and very successful knowledge management framework called Knowledge Centered Support (KCS). KCS has stood the test of time and is supported by many case studies from reputable companies over a long duration. KCS provides a clear definition of knowledge management, its practices, and various techniques.

The course is packaged in a fun and informal way, and is delivered in small bite size chunks accompanied with small pop quizzes to reinforce key concepts.

On completion, you’ll receive a certificate of completion so that you can SHOW that you KNOW, and as a TEAM we can SEE that we all AGREE.

More about Knowledge Centered Support

Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) is the most recognized knowledge management methodology globally and delivers the ‘missing link’ for the ITIL Service Management framework and when the two are coupled together they can deliver amazing results.

You’re already using your knowledge to perform your daily support activities, so why not capture and reuse it whilst you work?.

If you are willing to shift the focus of your support Organisation from being ‘Call Centric’ to becoming ‘Knowledge Centric’ then you’ll reap the benefits that have been realized by many support organizations who have implemented KCS.

Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) is gathering momentum globally, but it is evident that many people are still unsure of its concepts and may be a little skeptical of the benefits of Knowledge Management in the arena of Service Management.

This 35 min course can give you a good understanding of fundamental concepts of Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) whilst at the same time providing evidence with a certificate of learning at the end. This course could also be helpful in assuring that all people in your support organization are ‘on the same page’ when it comes to knowledge management.

Knowledge Management is the missing link in Service Management

Knowledge Management is the missing link in today’s Service Management Processes. The best advice ITIL v3 gives is that ‘It should be done’. ITIL provides excellent theory in knowledge management this is because ITIL is a framework where KCS is a methodology.

Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) is a methodology which has been tried and tested in many large support service providers.  It is simple common sense coupled with simple instructions, which has its success in a simple change in culture.

KCS is not something you in addition to support, KCS becomes the way you do support.